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Pre Nuptial Agreements


   A Pre Nuptial Agreement is a binding contract between you and your future spouse that is prepared and signed before you get married. It sets out the current assets and debts of the parties and future responsibilities of the parties should the marriage not work out.

  Full disclosure of all at the start of the marriage helps avoid costly legal and psychological battles later on.  A Pre Nuptial Agreement should not be signed at the last minute before a wedding. It is best that the parties have to have enough time to discuss and be comfortable with the Agreement.

   Due to the frequency with which relationships may end in divorce as well as parties increasing financial independence, a prenuptial agreement can benefit just about everyone. It essentially protects both parties in a fair way.

   Having a Pre Nup in place gives the couple peace of mind knowing that it is in place should you ever need it.

  We The People makes the process easy and affordable. We have a simple Questionnaire/Workbook that asks for the information needed to prepare the legal document for you. Our fee is just $799.