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Same Sex Divorce
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Uncontested Divorce Paperwork Preparation for Same Sex Couples

Yes, We the People can help.

The staff of We the People welcomes inquiries regarding uncontested divorce from same sex couples. .

If you have questions regarding your uncontested divorce, please feel free to call us locally at (518)435-9110 and speak with one of our caring staff members.

Here is some of the basic information the court forms ask for in an uncontested divorce:

Names, addresses, dates of birth and Social Security numbers for both parties.
Date and location of marriage ceremony - we do not need to see the actual marriage license - just the information.
If you and your spouse have marital assets and/or debts, the court forms will ask for:

Names, partial account numbers and balances of any bank accounts, loans or outstanding debts like car loans or credit cards.
Information about what the two of you have agreed upon regarding any real estate.
If you and your spouse have minor children of your marriage, the court forms will ask for:

Signed copies of any existing New York State Family Court Orders for Custody/Visitation and/or child support.
Current yearly gross income information for both parties, including income from all sources.
Social Security numbers of all parties, including minor children.
Health Insurance I.D. card information for the minor children of the marriage.
Any information regarding restraining orders issued for or against either party, information regarding any child abuse or neglect proceedings.
Let We the People help you prepare the standard computerized paperwork for your uncontested divorce, as easily and affordably as possible. Call 518-435-9110 or contact us by email.